FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in ‘Public Funds’ exactly?

The full list of public funds ‘for immigration purposes’ can be found here.

2.            Can I work if I have a status of NRPF?

Yes, and here are more details for different visa types:

e.g. Student visa = 20 hours per week

Graduate = 36-40 hours; (*NB no sports)

  INFO ON SHARE CODE: useful to include as well. For people seeking asylum with previous visa status that maintains rights they need to follow another process (email Home Office directly).

3.            What about volunteer work?

Yes, give details (e.g. I’m a student – so after 20 hours)

4.            Can I ask for help from a UK charity (e.g. a foodbank, or clothing)?

Yes, no conditions attached, but some special cases e.g. SCARF Vouchers; Scottish Crisis Fund (British Red Cross) is direct cash but limit on payments.

5.            Where can I find help with financial advice when I have NRPF?

The SAFE Team (Support, Advice, Finance and Education) at CFINE accepts referrals.

(If NI has been paid in the past, then  – ACC FIT Financial Inclusion Team can help)  (*Students only working low hours may not have paid NI)

6.            My landlord has said he will evict me due to rent delays – what rights do I have?

Landlords: evictions and knowing your rights. Extra problems for new students – extra deposits/ guarantors; Agencies vary in terms of what they request- (University can be guarantors)

Link to Shelter Scotland rights advice

7.            I feel I have been discriminated against- Where can I get advice and advocacy?

GREC, Police etc

8.            My child was born here. Is (s)he a UK citizen?

Information for/ about Stateless people; birth and registration issues; Routes to settlement information

9.            Education –

a) What if school places are not available near to me for my children?

Link to advice from ACC Education department

b) What help may be available for my children at school?

C said that his children’s school did not explain that they might be eligible for free school meals.

Link to Support for families document from ACC. How do you have to show your family’s income? Help for School uniform costs as well, education maintenance allowance for 16-18 year olds.

10. Health

I have paid the NHS Surcharge but I haven’t been able to register yet with a GP?

  • Pathway for escalating registration delays
  • Where to get help when Serious long term illness problems when on NRPF/end of visa due before treatment is finished?