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Working together in the North east of Scotland to protect the rights of and increase quality support to people with No Recourse to Public Funds

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Our Training Offer

We can provide training on the following topics:

An Introduction to NRPF – this covers information on:
– what ‘no recourse to public funds’ means exactly – including what counts as ‘public funds’ for people subject to immigration control.
– what is Scottish Government Policy around NRPF and the new Fair Way Scotland provision.
– the new points based visa system and different routes to the UK
-the difference between NRPF status for EU/EAA nationals and people from the rest of the world, including the Pre-Settled and Settled statuses given by the EUSS scheme
– what statutory entitlements there are for people even if they have a status of NRPF (e,g, Education, Health, Section 22 of the Children(Scotland) Act 1995, section 12 of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 and the DDVC concession for victims of domestic violence)
– two case studies
– where to get local help when working with someone with NRPF

The Asylum Process and NRPF – this covers information on:
– ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’ immigration
– the difference in status between a person seeking asylum and a refugee
– where do people come from and why do they flee?
– the asylum process: initial interview, main interview, appeal(s)
-Impact of the Nationality and Borders Bill (July 2022)

-Impact of the Illegal Migration Act (July 2023)
-Statutory Government provision for people seeking asylum (including National Asylum Support Service (NASS), the accommodation provider, Mears, and Migrant Help)
– where to get local help when working with people seeking asylum or someone who is appeals rights exhausted (ARE) with NRPF

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Training materials

JRS Training on Asylum Process

Training delivered by Just Right Scotland in Aberdeen November 2022 on Asylum: Legal Framework, Process, Rights & Entitlements